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Sensus process management specialises in modeling, visualising, improving and linking business processes. This provides a basis from which we can support you in scrutinising and improving the transparency of your organisational structure and processes to facilitate the process-based way of working. Our online process management application lets you share knowledge acquired about business processes across the entire organisation and link it to other applications.

For Sensus, process management is not a goal in its own right, but a way of serving the various policy areas. Rather than an isolated domain, it is the connecting factor with other domains within an organisation. This is often underestimated. It prompted Sensus process management to launch Intelligent Business Management in 2020, a solution that interconnects all policy areas and is an ideal foundation from which to rapidly respond to opportunities and threats, and to consistently implement improvements across the organisation.


Quality management
ISO certification, occupational health & safety, environment. See standards linked to processes and know which processes have a bearing on certification for which standard.
Human Resources
The right person in the right job. Onboarding new people, making duties and responsibilities transparent.
Risk management
Manage your organisation and set priorities based on risks and opportunities. Instant insight into the processes involved.
Information management
Nearly all companies are automated to a large degree. What about the information flows and data sources? Which services lighten our workload and how are they set up? In which processes do these automated services intervene?
An important basis and a guideline for organisations. However, policy is effective only when it is translated in
Business Intelligence
This is a domain that is on the rise. All intelligence data needs to be traceable to the related processes where the work is actually done.
Continuous improvement
Terms such as Lean, Agile and Six Sigma are all the rage these days. These are all continuous improvement methodologies that are rooted in processes, approached from a specific perspective.
Document management
Electronic management, processing and sharing of all business information. Any-time accessibility to business information in a way that is easy, secure and fast.
Sensus BPM Online Optimization

Process management can only truly be successful if it is set up from an integrated domain approach, so that every domain owner gets to have their say based on their specific expertise.

We at Sensus process management work based on a simple consistent process language, with a cloud application that is:

– geared towards sharing knowledge and data;
– made to connect and enrich the various domains;
– designed to work as a total ecosystem that enables organisations to be in control.

And perhaps most importantly, the employees who need to read and understand the processes are our real customers. The process manager is, together with us, the facilitator who holds the best tools to empower your organisation to be successful in the modern age.

Enough said, let’s do it!
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