Smooth and solid certification process with Sensus BPM Online

Obtaining and maintaining your certification

Smooth and solid certification process with Sensus BPM Online

Obtaining and maintaining your certification

When we talk about certification at Sensus process management, we are actually talking about introducing a quality management system, that’s to say a system that covers everything (agreements, tools, processes) needed to deliver and improve quality. ISO 27001, for example, is a reference framework for raising quality management to the level that is regarded as “good” worldwide.

Key success factors in the implementation of a quality management system are commitment from the management, the interest on the part of the employees, staff training and (certainly not to be overlooked) demonstrable success. With these (and other) success factors in place, the organisation works – together with Sensus BPM Online – through a number of stages to arrive at a successful implementation of the quality management system, obtaining the desired certification almost as a matter of course.

With Sensus BPM Online you have the right tools to advance to successful implementation.

Sensus BPM Online gives organisations clarity

The ISO 27001 certification process with Sensus BPM Online

Sensus process management is ISO 27001 certified. Guided by our colleagues Monique van Dodewaard and Nick Leung, we went through the process to obtain the official ISO 27001 certification. We would like to show you how we navigated our way through this complex process. On this page you will find all our blogs and articles about our own experiences with obtaining ISO 27001 certification.


What are the benefits of obtaining ISO 27001 certification?

We also use the knowledge and experience we have gained during this process during consultancy processes. Our Sensus BPM online software is a powerful tool to support organisations in their continuous improvement efforts and in obtaining and maintaining certification.

Our highest priority is that we can offer our customers the best possible assurance that their data is secure with us and that we will always handle their data with care.

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