A single shared visual process language to help you work smarter

The Sensus method

A single shared visual process language to help you work smarter

The Sensus method

We can communicate more effectively and get more work done when we all speak the same language. The Sensus method is a practical tool for setting clearly defined objectives and achieving them as efficiently as possible. One powerful process language for all users – simple, uniform and transparent. Working in groups, employees structure, define and model the processes themselves. Always in the same way and understandable for everyone.

The language of the Sensus method reveals who does what and how long it will take, and also what each action costs and what its added value is for the overall business process. This way all tasks and responsibilities are documented and embedded in the organisation.

The Sensus method works with extremely user-friendly process management software: Sensus BPM Online. Lay the basis for smart process management now and become part of the Sensus community of people who are keen to work and collaborate more and smarter.

Sensus BPM Online gives organisations clarity

Sensus BPM Online: design processes in 8 easy steps.

  • Analyse: determine the objective
  • Structure: link objectives to processes
  • Define: determine what information you need
  • Model:  using a visual process language with icons
  • Document: embed the knowledge available in your organisation
  • Publish: share the knowledge available
  • Measure: knowledge is power
  • Improve: make improvements


Eight icons, that’s all you need to model your processes using the Sensus method. This method delivers unambiguous visualisation of a process at the action level. We use the eight magnetic icons as part of the BPM method to help you implement process management in your organisation effectively.

Process elements

Sensus process management uses eight process elements on memo cards that enable you to define and set the boundaries of your processes by documenting all required information relating to each process.

Training & consultancy

Process management rests on two pillars: communication and acceptance. If you are aiming to have optimum process management in your organisation, you will first need to garner support for it, and that’s exactly what our consultants are here to do. They will help you get people across your organisation to buy into process management, giving you the support base you need for the longer-term success you have in mind.

Design processes in 8 steps

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