The Sensus method

Modeling processes using the Sensus icons

Eight icons, that’s all you need to model your processes using the Sensus method. This method delivers unambiguous visualisation of a process at the action level. The icons are linked with arrows to show the process flow. Working together this way to model processes ensures that those involved in the process actively offer their input on the appropriate design and approach. The method makes processes clear and easy to track for anyone.

We use the eight magnetic icons as part of the BPM method to help you implement process management in your organisation effectively. The Sensus process icons, in combination with the Sensus process elements, are the starting point for working with our BPM software.

The meaning of each icon is explained below.


An Activity is everything done by a person. An Activity contains a verb and takes time.

Computer Activity

A Computer Activity is similar to a regular Activity (takes time, contains a verb), but in this case what occurs is inextricably linked to a software application.


A Gateway is a point in the process description where a choice must be made. A Gateway is brief and ends with a question mark. The answer to a Gateway can only be “yes” or “no”.


A Trigger/Result indicates the start or the result of a Process or Activity and is not a document.

Input Document

An Input Document is a piece of paper or computer file with a certain status and contains information. It is needed to be able to perform an Activity, so it is input for that Activity.

Output Document

An Output Document is also a piece of paper or computer file containing information, but it is the result of an Activity or Process.


An Archive is an object or piece of office furniture (tangible) or a storage device (or place on such) where Documents can be stored.

Process Connector

A Process Connector is, as the name suggests, used to connect processes.

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