Collaboration between DataRotonde and Sensus process management

Collaboration between DataRotonde and Sensus process management

It is now even easier to integrate your process management with other systems. The link between Sensus BPM Online and integration platform DataRotonde gives you immediate insight into all data related to your processes. The integration on the powerful DataRotonde integration platform provides both housing associations and construction companies a unique opportunity to work more efficiently.

By integrating various systems and technologies, processes are enriched with data and you connect various domains in your organisation. This ensures dynamic process management that enables organisations to more easily adapt to changing circumstances and remain in control. All information is accessible and up to date at all times.


Direct connection via DataRotonde

Applications from different providers are connected via DataRotonde, making collaboration and integration with direct and supply chain partners even easier. Affiliated organisations specialise in various domains, such as DMS, tenancy termination process, customer contact, homeowners’ association management, real estate data, and maintenance. DataRotonde specialises in developing links so that organisations don’t have to spend time and energy on this themselves. This enables you to establish the link with Sensus BPM Online in an efficient and accessible way and quickly gain more enrichment, insight and flexibility in your process management.

Integration platform

With Sensus Integrations you share knowledge and information from other applications with Sensus BPM Online and Sensus BPM Online does the same for you. This is a platform where various digital service providers can securely link Sensus BPM Online with domain-specific solutions, paving the way to enhance our customers’ processes with relevant information from their systems and vice versa.

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