Sensus BPM Online

Feature updates

October 2022

Sensus process management brings to you our brand new feature: Smart Navigator themes. Each theme is named after an European city.

We also added a new version scroll view, which makes version management even more organized and causes less disruption of your working screen.

July 2022

You have more control over how your processes are viewed. You can now toggle the numbers on and off in Publisher and easily switch between styles. The default view has also undergone some slight modifications, now offering a broad view, slimmer side bars and lighter text.

What’s more, you can now bring Sensus to your desktop in a few simple steps. The Smart Navigator has been made more compact as well.

June 2022

A lot has been improved since our previous feature updates. The Designer has a brand-new dashboard and it’s now possible to sort document groups.

The Publisher has a new feature too: themes. Themes are a new way to customise the Publisher dashboard and processes. A descriptive view has been added as well.