Sensus BPM Online

Feature updates

June 2024

What’s new in Sensus BPM Online from June 2024? The five new functionalities ensure that Sensus BPM Online becomes more personal and user-friendly. These features were developed thanks to the input and feedback from our current users.

April 2024

Discover more about the renewed Sensus login page. Although the login page for Sensus applications has undergone a slight change, the functionality remains unchanged.

March 2024

In recent months, our developers have been busy developing and improving new functionalities in Sensus BPM Online. See which functionalities add value to your organization.

November 2023

Quick overview of the differences between two versions with the Compare feature. The new Compare feature in the designer and publication environment gives you an instant view of what has been changed, added or removed. By using the Compare feature, employees will spot new information quicker. Removed information can be restored faster and amended information is easier to understand.

October 2023

It is sometimes necessary to thoroughly clean the entire house, as is the case with Sensus Process Management. That is precisely what we have done with our development and code house – a major overhaul.

July 2023

Keep colleagues informed of all processes with our new feature: Triggers! By using the Triggers in Sensus BPM Online you now have the option to send emails, tasks and calendar requests. The purpose of this is to bring the processes within your organization closer together and to ensure that information reaches the right person directly.

June 2023

Here you will find the latest updates of Sensus BPM Online.

April 2023

Don’t let your colleagues search for processes any longer, but bring your processes to your them. We introduce, as a part of an expanded Business Integration strategy, “Sensus Live Process Views”.

Februari 2023

The Process Designer has had the same look for years and was a feature of Sensus BPM Online. In this update, we’ve made a huge refresh of the Process Designer.

December 2022

This feature update focuses on the improved Sharepoint integration, a new information pop-up and a Google Analytics upgrade.

This and more improvements and notifications in the December 2022 feature update.

October 2022

Sensus process management brings to you our brand new feature: Smart Navigator themes. Each theme is named after an European city.

We have also developed a shorter version scroll, so that your versions are now even clearer and less disruptive.

Juli 2022

You have more control over how your processes are viewed. You can now turn the numbers on and off in the Publisher and easily switch between styles. The default view also has some minor changes: a wide view, slimmer sidebars and lighter text.

It has also been made possible to bring Sensus to your desktop with a few simple steps. And the Smart Navigator has been made more compact.

June 2022

Much has been improved since our last feature update: the Designer has a brand new dashboard and document group sorting is now enabled.

The Publisher has a new feature: Themes. Themes are a new way to customize the Publisher dashboard and processes. A descriptive view has also been added.