Feature updates

December 2022

What’s new?

New pop-up for information

New pop-up for information

Out with the old in with the new, Sensus Process Management has replaced the old pop-up with a clearer alternative.


Duplicate direct links are indicated in advance

Previously you could create an infinite number of Direct Links, making the already existing links difficult to find. That’s why we have now added a warning. If you want to create a Direct Link for a particular process that has already been linked to, a warning will pop up. If you still want to make a new one, you can of course still do so.

DES-939 Block duplicate direct links


Selection of elements has been accelerated

Selecting multiple elements was sometimes slow in large projects. We have accelerated this enormously with this update. Now you can select even more processes even faster.

DES-993 Export dialog, selecting icons very slow

6 Languages

The Publisher was only available in English and Dutch, we have expanded this to 6 languages. The new languages ​​are French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. This has made the Publisher as accessible as the Designer.

​​PNXT-808 Add options for new languages ​​to lang setting

Delete own comments

A user without administrative rights can post comments, but could not delete them himself. We have changed this, non-administrator users can now also delete their own comments.

PNXT-804 Rights to delete comments


Version management: Selection menu and operation has been changed

In version management you can indicate which processes should be made definitive and which should not. Among the processes that have not been made final, you still had the choice to show the latest final version or not. This gave confusing results including visible draft versions.

DES-967 Show last definitive version