Feature updates

June 2023

Discover our latest improvements!

What’s new in this update?

In the latest release of Sensus BPM Online we have improved several matters. Below you will find an overview of these developments. 



DES-1054 While importing a project new project data will be shown.

DES-1086 Improved UI to establish live data integration. 

DES-1085 Integration setting which transfers all data to the integration application, for example Power BI. 

DES-1084 Bugfix behavior while connecting files to processes. 

DES-1013 Improved communication and setting possibilities in the library. 

DES-1080 Move bugfix from task. 

DES-1077 Bugfix template icons color adjustment settings were not saved well. 

DES-1071 Example processes from the Designer dashboard are now able to be opened directly without logging in. 

DES-969 Security update. 

DES-1062 Bugfix language settings.

DES-1072 Google Drive as direct file save drive is removed (is no longer supported). 

DES-1044 Improved UI resolution. 

DES-1003 Performance issue in project control is resolved. 

DES-1059 Word Export issue with non-printable processflows is resolved.  

DES 927 Synchronisation library now transfers images as well. 

DES-976 Bugfix images are not transferred with project export. 

DES0-1081 Improved PDF & Excel export Verbeterde 

DES-1050 Copy and paste feature is improved.

PNXT-868 Various navigation issues at categories resolved.