Feature updates

October 2022

What’s new?

Version Scroll | Designer

Version Scroll | Designer

A shorter version scroll makes version management even more organized and causes less disruption of your working screen.


Descriptive Views in Smart Navigator

The descriptive view is now also available in the Smart Navigator flows.

PNXT-720 Add descriptive view to smart navigator similar to publisher


Width of information screen in Smart Navigator

The width of the information screen in the Smart Navigator can now be adjusted, this includes the flow. The width can be increased to make the information cover the entire screen.

PNXT-775 Adjustable width of Smart Navigator information


Width of (right) information bar Publisher

A standard width of the information bar in the Publisher can now be installed.

PNXT-760 Standard width of template (right side bar)


Hovering in Publisher

When hovering away from an icon in the canvas your right side bar will show the information of the original level you were on.

PNXT-745 Hover function changes


 Publisher links are inactivated

Some Publisher links created before 2019 will no longer be usable after this release. In that case, we recommend that you generate a new link once via your Publisher. Some of these older links are no longer properly secured and are therefore being blocked.

PNXT-799 Deactiveer token links gemaakt met oude project guid