Sensus BPM Designer provides all the features you need to create useful processes.

  • Quickly map out your process relationships and handover moments

    The software automatically manages and visualises the various inter-relationships between processes.

  • Comprehensive checks for uniform process structures

    Our systematic verification feature supports uniformity in the way different persons work and checks for correct application of the Sensus methodology.

  • Export to PDF

    A range of standard PDF reports can be generated to share and inform other people in your organization with export of your processes.

  • Export to MS Word

    Export entire manuals or just one specific process to MS Word. Even select the depth of process level you want to export.

  • Export to Excel

    All the information stored in the Sensus software can be easily exported to customised reports in Excel format for analysis and measurement purposes.

  • Automated visualisations such as swim lane scheme and process flow diagrams.

    A unique communication concept enables the Sensus software to draw its own process flows and present your processes from five different perspectives: process flow, communication flow, horizontal flow, swim lane and the process diagram.

  • Draw processes in free format

    All process flows that have been drawn automatically can be manually adjusted to your requirements.

  • Control process relationships

    Never again lose links between processes. The relationships between processes are automatically set up and maintained. So you can change, delete and add processes whenever you want

  • Search processes

    The comprehensive search feature allows you to search for processes, documents, applications, functions, activities, and more.

  • Departmental and job title reports

    Do you want to know which job title is responsible for which processes and activities? The Sensus software includes standard function/task reports based on related processes and actions. The reports are automatically updated whenever changes have been made to the process. Permanently up-to-date information!

  • Spell checking

    Use the in-browser spellcheck to make sure you create in faultless process descriptions.

  • Search and replace function

    Search and replace throughout an entire project in one go. What a time-saver!

  • Structured automatic process architecture

    The Sensus software visualises and structures your information across five levels, allowing you to quickly see how processes are interlinked.

  • Organisation and job title chart

    How are the departments and job titles structured within your organisation? The Sensus software shows you how in the department and job title organisation chart.

  • Direct linking of departments and job titles to processes and activities.

    The Sensus software links job titles and departments to all processes and activities, making moving and copying very simple!

  • Make processes measurable

    Customised information! The facility to create data fields at different levels allows you to define, record and export such things as lead time and KPIs.

  • Import data templates

    If you have defined and stored your own working method or methodology using the Sensus software data template feature, it is a simple matter of exporting and importing the template and integrating it into new projects.

  • Report roles

    Which jobs have which roles? The reports give you a clear overview of the roles, functions and people in your organization.

  • Synchronise projects with process libraries

    Changes to the associated process information from the library are automatically incorporated in your project files while preserving local changes.

  • Link roles and role groups to jobs

    Sometimes, in addition to linking job titles to processes and activities, you want to work with roles or a combination of roles. The Sensus software enables you to do this at any time.

  • Work with draft and final versions within projects

    Version management in Sensus BPM Designer give users the possibility to work with and manage multiple versions of a process.

  • Extensive version control in support of your certification

    Not all processes are the same. Processes can be finalised by date and by project version, giving you complete control over your process management.

  • Interface with third-party applications

    The Sensus software can easily be linked to, and integrated with, third-party applications. It is even possible to launch certain applications from within the published processes.

  • Work collaboratively on processes with a number of people/departments

    Working together simultaneously to build your processes. Our Sensus server is ready for it!

  • Centralized management of processes

    All process projects can be managed from one place, this gives users a quick overview and makes sure everybody can find the right process project.

  • Work locally on the network or in the cloud

    Do you want to work locally on your PC, on your company server or in the Sensus cloud? Or maybe a combination of these? With Sensus software this is always an option!

  • User-specific authorisations

    User-specific authorisations. User authorisations can easily be set for each process.

  • Secure hosting with SSL certificate

    Secure publication of processes. When installed on a web server, a SSL Certificates activates the green padlock and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

  • Automatic back-up

    No worries about back-ups any more, 4 times a day everything you create is stored in our secure back-up servers.

  • Hosting and management of the Sensus server

    You no longer need your own server, server installation and server management. Sensus BPM Online takes over management of the server from you. A enormous saving for you in terms of time and money!

  • Automatic server updates

    Always work with the latest version of the Sensus BPM Online, we update our application several times per year. You always work with the latest version!

  • Model IT processes

    Add your IT processes to your process structure and combine the human interaction with your IT infrastructure processes. This gives you a complete overview of your organization.

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