Sensus BPM Online


Sensus BPM Online lets you get many things done and in many different ways. Below we present a list of all the features offered by Sensus BPM Online.

Sensus BPM Online


Sensus BPM Online lets you get many things done and in many different ways. Below we present a list of all the features offered by Sensus BPM Online.

New: Compare function

Quick overview of the differences between two versions with the Compare feature. The new Compare feature in the designer and publication environment gives you an instant view of what has been changed, added or removed.


Draw, change, and design again. Experience the ease of our process modeling technology

Sensus automatically positions and draws your process flow. And if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can customise any drawn process flows to your requirements.

Ensure a uniform description method

Our systematic verification feature ensures that different people use the same working methods and checks that the Sensus method is used correctly.

View the processes from different angles with our automatic process visualisations.

Its unique communication concept enables Sensus BPM Online to draw process flows and present your processes in four different ways: process flow, communication flow, horizontal flow, and swim lane diagram.

You get immediate insight into who’s responsible for what in the process.

Want to know which position is responsible for which processes and actions? Sensus BPM Online contains standard reports of positions and duties based on the associated processes and actions. These reports are amended automatically to reflect any changes in the processes so the information is always up to date!

See at a glance how the processes are connected

Broken links between processes are a thing of the past. Links between the processes are made and maintained automatically. Sensus BPM Online automatically manages and visualises the various points of contact and overlap between processes.

Correlations between processes

Sensus BPM Online visualises and structures your information on five levels, giving you instant insight into correlations between processes.

Build your organogram and link the departments and positions to processes

How do the various departments and positions relate to each other within your organisation? Sensus BPM Online’s organogram with departments and positions provides an instant view of your organisation’s structure. Sensus BPM Online links positions and departments to all processes and actions. Moving and copying could not be easier!

Working with roles or positions – the choice is yours

You may occasionally want to not just link position titles to processes and activities, but also work with one or multiple roles. This, too, is possible in Sensus BPM Online.

Make your documents immediately accessible

Link documents to processes and make sure they are immediately accessible to everyone in the organisation. Uses your SharePoint or your document management system. Making something great even better! Sensus BPM Online works perfectly with other applications.

Export to MS Word or PDF

You can export complete manuals to Word or PDF, or even a specific process. What’s more, you can specify at which level in the process you want to facilitate an export.

Export to Excel

All information stored in Sensus BPM Online can be exported easily to customised reports in Excel format for the purpose of analysis and measurements.

Make processes measurable and improve them

Get customised information. Create data fields yourself on different levels to document and export information such as lead times and KPIs.

Secure management standards like RASCI, LEAN, Six Sigma embedded in your processes

In addition to the standard matrices, Sensus BPM Online allows you to compose many types of matrices, like RASCI, processor register, roles/actions, applications/positions, you name it.

Link risks, standards and/or measures to your processes

Organisations often have qualitative information that can be important for several parts of the process architecture. By creating a category you keep it simple and clear.

Use our extensive version control features

Version control in Sensus BPM Online lets users work with and manage multiple versions of a process. See the differences between and changes in versions at a glance.

Collaborate in real time on your processes

Need to work on processes together with various people? You can with Sensus BPM Online!

Copy and import your processes into other process models

Want to use the mapped processes or your process design in another process model? It’s a breeze to export them and import them into a new process model.

Best practices available

Import the desired process model from your industry – like CORA, MORA, GEMMA or the process model for construction, for example – and tailor this perfectly for use in your organisation. Or link specific standards and quality requirements to your processes, such as ISO, Compliance, GDPR, etc.

Model and visualise your IT processes and services

Information management and process management join forces. Easily link your detailed automated IT processes or services to your mapped processes to get a complete overview of your organisation and your business automation.

Synchronise your processes with a central process library

Manage multiple process models from a central master file (library). Changes to the library are automatically reflected in the target files without overwriting local changes.

Advanced authorisations management

You can easily set user-specific authorisations for each project.

Use our advanced search & replace feature

The advanced search feature helps you find processes, documents, applications, positions, activities and much more.

Check the spelling

The spellchecker in the browser ensures error-free process descriptions.

Quickly replace and translate data

Export and import complete files into tables and then easily translate or replace your data or direct links.

Google Translate

With this feature, you can directly translate all your projects into the desired language. The translation function is capable of translating your processes into over 100 different languages.

Help center

To enhance user support within the software, a new help button has been introduced in the form of a lifebuoy. Utilizing this functionality allows users to directly search for various help documents and get in touch with the help desk.


Easily publish and share your processes

With our extensive publication module you can share all your processes with your entire organisation at the click of a button.

Create your own process navigation or use our ready-made navigation

Use a ready-made publication for immediate use on your intranet. We make it happen. If you’d rather style your navigation menu to your personal taste visually, that’s no problem either. Within Sensus BPM Online you can easily custom build your own visual navigation online.

Smart navigator themes

With our customizable themes you can access all your processes even faster and your organization becomes even more organized.

Create targeted publications with our publish views

Provide targeted information that meets the needs. Create several different publications at the click of a button. We make it possible. Determine for each publication what will be shown to whom and how.

Have your published processes conform with your brand identity

The closer the processes made available conform with your brand identity, the more they will be viewed and used. Sensus BPM Online makes it possible.

Print out processes and take them with you

The advanced report generator allows you to easily print process information and automatically generate a wide variety of reports based on the information you enter.

Enable your users to give feedback and start discussions

Creating support for processes starts with enabling users to easily provide feedback. Sensus BPM Online offers extensive feedback and discussion options.

Knowledge is power with Google Analytics

We give you the ability to activate Google Analytics and link it to the publishing module to measure whether processes are being viewed in your organisation.

Share processes securely

Publish processes securely. Use our Single Sign-On options or other security and log-in options.


With the new communication feature, users are able to communicate regarding processes. It is feasible to respond to both new and existing topics, thereby maintaining user engagement in the processes.


Link and integrate your processes in other applications or your intranet

Thanks to our API, Sensus BPM Online is easy to link to and integrate with software from other vendors. Certain applications can even be launched from within a published process.

Show processes directly in external applications with live process views

Take advantage of the possibility of showing the relevant process in an application, or even showing which step in the process you are currently in.

Automatic backup all sorted!

No need to remember to make backups. Everything you create or generate is backed up on our secure backup servers four times a day.

We guarantee the secure hosting and management of your data and the Sensus BPM Online application

Sensus BPM Online runs its cloud application within a secure Azure environment. This delivers huge savings in terms of your time and money! Sensus process management is ISO 27001 certified.

We ensure that your cloud application is always up to date

You can be sure you are always working with the latest version of Sensus BPM Online: our application is updated several times a year.

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