Improved Excel Export

With the improved MS Excel export feature, the user can create cross sections of the data (such as RASCI Model data) in the project in various ways and link icons and categories via the template fields in a single report.

Example – RASCI model fields

Template layout

Using the unique Sensus data templates, processes and actions can be supplied with RASCI model data through roles. For example:

Simple process export with descriptions

This results in the following Excel export:

Show the linked roles of the RASCI model

By selecting the RASCI field, the completed roles are added to the table.

This results in the following RASCI Excel export:

Show role information in the report

Because the roles are now also available, template fields can now also be added to the roles.

This results in the following Excel sheet:

Viewing an export from the roles

The strength of this lies in the fact that it is now possible to generate an export with exactly the same information but viewed from the roles. Make sure you tick only the roles, not the processes. The process information is still available, but now via the RASCI field that links the roles to processes.

This results in the following export:


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