Sensus BPM Online

Integration platform

Sensus BPM Online

Integration platform

We are increasingly moving towards a digital society where many digital services need to be able to work together easily and knowledge must be shared. To meet this growing need for information exchange from our customers, we have developed a technical integration platform. 

With Sensus Integrations you share knowledge and information from other applications with Sensus BPM Online and Sensus BPM Online does the same for you. This is a platform where various digital service providers can securely link Sensus BPM Online with domain-specific solutions, paving the way to enhance our customers’ processes with relevant information from their systems and vice versa.

This new service is fully in line with the fundamental idea behind our company, which is enabling consistent communication through processes. Our approach leads to clear communications, commitment across all layers of the organisation, and broad support for changes. After all, nothing beats knowledge that is shared by everyone. We offer the right tools for that.

Direct link between your processes

The Integrations API platform provides a direct link between your processes and other policy areas that are vital to your organisation. This application offers you a way to fully integrate other systems and suppliers. These may be suppliers who offer a solution for policy areas such as Quality Management, Human Resources, Risk Management, Data & Information Management, Business Intelligence, Continuous Improvement, and certainly for other primary ERP systems too.

All the policy areas mentioned above have one thing in common: they all depend on well-described processes.

Our Integrations platform offers you various tools and ready-to-use widgets for both end users and customers to easily share information resources.

For developers and suppliers of applications who want to arrange integration with our software, we have prepared extensive documentation and examples so that they can be easily linked. The various integration and linking options are described in more detail on this site.

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