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Partner integrations: Leanforms

With this integration you can create your own web forms with a workflow that ensures that staff enter the correct information during the process steps. This way you can support your processes around the PDCA cycle and audits, for example. What’s more, you can retrieve reports and dashboards from Sensus BPM Online via the forms you have defined yourself.

You have documented your processes in Sensus BPM Online, but did you know that you can give these processes effective support by using web forms backed by a workflow? Take advantage of linking between Sensus BPM Online and LeanForms.

With the integration between Sensus BPM Online and LeanForms you can create forms including a workflow, reports and dashboards. These are automatically available as a document in Sensus BPM Online, offering you a way to link the correct forms to the various processes. You can easily start a form, view a report or consult a dashboard from the published processes.

This makes it possible to individually support and monitor the processes you have recorded in Sensus BPM Online. The management information obtained ensures transparency when interacting with any relevant supervisory authorities.

A major advantage is that many standard forms are already available in LeanForms, which you can use as a basis for supporting your processes, or even style them specifically to your organisation. This includes forms for workplace inspections, audits, customer and employee satisfaction surveys, FMEA, and many more.

If you really want to support the processes you have created in Sensus BPM Online, contact us and we’ll tell you all about the possibilities of an integration between Sensus BPM Online and LeanForms.

This integration may result in additional costs from the partner involved

Partnership with Sensus process management

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