Why Sensus process management?


For a long time, Business Process Management (BPM) was an isolated domain. Sensus process management has broken it out of its isolation. Intelligent Process Management by Sensus connects BPM directly to other policy areas. Add to that the possibility of full integration with other systems, and you have a practical tool that serves all policy areas.

Intelligent Process Management

Intelligent process management is:


Suited for every organisation

Super collaborative

Visuele procestaal

Our approach has meanwhile gained widespread acclaim, as it leads to clear communications, commitment across all layers of the organisation, and broad support for changes. After all, nothing beats knowledge that is shared by everyone. We offer the right tools for that.

Organisations big and small in a wide range of different industries have been using our method and software for years. Domains that stand to benefit the most from process management:

  • Quality management
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Information management
  • Policy
  • Business intelligence
  • Continuous improvement
  • Document management

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