Consulting and training


Process management rests on two pillars, communication and acceptance. If you want to optimise your process management, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that, you will first need to garner support for it. This is where our consultants come in. They will help you get people across your organisation to buy into process management, giving you the support base you need for the longer-term success you have in mind. Always based on shared responsibility and important insights.

Self-study and supervision

During our combined BPM training, you will discover how to model processes using the Sensus method. You will learn to define and map processes using our unique icons. Everything you need to get started right away! Our training programme is made up of a series of practical exercises followed by a day of interactive training supervised by one of our BPM specialists. Interested?

There’s always room for improvement

Embracing changes requires a mindset shift. That’s where process management starts. Our experienced consultants will help you gain relevant insights, keep up quality levels, or reduce response times. Well-known methodologies such as Lean, Business Agility or Six Sigma are all applicable. Be smart, minimise waste. When we are done, your people will have fully embraced the change. Let’s get started!

Sensus BPM-training

We have developed a wide range of training courses by building on our many years of experience with process management and change processes at countless organisations. Training courses are a powerful and practical tool for raising awareness of process management. They allow your employees to learn about all the aspects of process-based working and they allow you to drum up support to be able to start implementing process management straight away.

Fill in the form for more information about our training opportunities. We will be in touch to go over your specific wishes and needs.

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