Licenses and pricing

Sensus BPM Online is our unique process management solution that lets you map, improve and share all your organisation’s processes.

Sensus BPM Designer

€ 950,- per year

Price per user
Multi-user included

Sensus BPM Publisher

€ 4000,- per year

Price per server
Unlimited viewers

Sensus BPM Designer

User-friendly and efficient, the keywords of Sensus BPM Designer. Use the freedom of our intuitive application to model your processes the way you want. In the look and feel of your organization. With the ability to apply and optimize your organization so that your goals are achieved! This innovative application is the basis for BPM modeling and bringing the associated process information efficiently together.

Sensus BPM Publisher

You want to share processes with your organization. With Sensus BPM Publisher you ensure that this is done in a user-friendly way. A whole reassurance, your processes look great and are easy to find for everyone thanks to the Sensus BPM Publisher. Now everybody in your organization can give feedback and view the processes from different angles. Everyone knows what is going on!

An unlimited number of users can view your processes in your custom build Process publication environment. Sensus BPM Publisher comes with an (online) consulting support day and is always used in combination with at least one Sensus BPM Designer license.

Advanced features

Want more? Our Plus license allows API connections and other advanced server functionality. Sensus BPM Online connects with other applications. A safe environment with extensive options for optimally organizing process management in a personally designed environment.


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All Sensus BPM online products require an annual contract. Prices are exclusive of training. This pricelist is valid until 12/31/2020. Prices are in Euro.