Sensus BPM Online is our unique process management solution that lets you map, improve and share all your organisation’s processes.

Sensus BPM Designer
Create user-friendly and efficient
processes that everyone gets.
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Sensus BPM Publisher
Share processes across your organisation.


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Sensus BPM Online creates powerful integrations with a lot of populair business software.

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The most effecient procesmanagement tool

Sensus BPM Designer provides all the features you need to create useful processes.

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Our apps are user-friendly tools to clarify processes within your organization.

Process Modeler
Process management
expertise at your fingertips.
Define and Draw Processes

The Process Modeller app for the tablet is a user-friendly tool to clarify processes within your organisation. It puts process management expertise at your fingertips, and makes it easy to define and draw process flow charts quickly. And above all, it is useful, efficient and fun to work with. Process Modeller App is available for iOS (iPad), Windows and Android.

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Sensus OrgChart
Easily map projects
and organisations.
Visualize Organisation Charts

The Sensus OrgChart app is a useful tool that helps HR managers, project managers and other managers map (project) organisations. It has never been this easy to define and visualize organisation charts – complete with department names, positions, responsibilities, staff names and even staff photos. This latter feature is precisely what makes the Sensus OrgChart app so personal.

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