Sensus BPM Publisher


The Publisher in Sensus BPM Online makes it really easy to get up-to-date business data to the surface, conveniently categorised by policy domain. Direct access to all the figures you need based on your management focus.

Each policy domain comes with specific priorities, and that means specific information needs as well. For process management, you need other kinds of data than you do for risk management or information management. And for HRM, auditing, continuous improvement and quality management, you need yet other input. This is why we have designed and built our advanced Publisher with our customers’ questions and preferences in mind.

Share your business policy

Sensus BPM Online lets you map, document and share your business processes. Next, you can enrich these processes with information from other policy domains, such as quality assurance, ISO, risks and KPIs. It’s easy to do thanks to the flexible Sensus BPM Publisher and paves the way for effective management of every aspect of your business policy. Now that’s what we call intelligent process management and the key to integrated business operations.

Creating an overall view

You will get an at-a-glance view of what standards and control measures cover which processes, enabling you to adequately manage potential risks. By also linking all the information required for ISO 27001 certification to the processes, you get a complete Information Security Management System. And that’s Sensus BPM Publisher’s big trump card.

The benefits of the advanced Sensus BPM Publisher in a nutshell:

  • anytime insight into your business risks

  • constantly high service levels, complete with certification

  • efficient and smooth onboarding

  • new employees familiarised with your IT infrastructure in no time


Discover the BPM features

Sensus BPM Publisher packs all the BPM features you need to share clear processes.
Take a look at the features:

  • Various navigation styles

    Our innovative navigation options make it quicker for employees to navigate to the processes they’re looking for. The navigation in Sensus BPM Publisher will save you time as it enables users to be more effective in finding and consulting the information they need.

  • Better performance, faster load times, smoother caching

    Sensus BPM Publisher uses the latest technology, meaning that your process publications will load extremely quickly, even with large and extensive projects.

  • Your corporate design for publications

    Sensus BPM Publisher lets you publish your business processes in your organisation’s corporate design, making processes more familiar to your staff.*

  • Visitor statistics

    Sensus BPM Publisher’s process publication usage tracking option gives organisations insight into how process publications are used.*

  • Export to other formats

    Export processes in PDF or other formats. You can then share these process exports with others across or even outside your organisation.

  • Search all processes

    The detailed search feature in Sensus BPM Publisher helps you find processes, documents, applications, positions, activities and much more.

  • Active URL embedding

    Share more than just processes! With the feature that lets you embed your own files, such as videos, graphs and Power BI dashboards, into your process publication.*

  • Improved user interface

    Navigate quicker to the processes you want to view. The new and improved navigation in Sensus BPM Publisher will save you time as it enables users to be more effective in finding and consulting the information they need.

  • Discussion and messaging

    Finding it hard to give feedback on processes? With Sensus BPM Publisher, employees can instantly give feedback on and discuss processes.*

  • Personal log-in (SSO)

    Sensus BPM Publisher can be set up so that your organisational processes are securely included in your company’s IT security measures. Your colleagues can then log in and view processes using their usual log-in details.*

  • Unique visual navigator

    A familiar work environment is important in getting people to buy into the processes you document. Sensus BPM Publisher lets you publish processes in your company colours and corporate design.

  • Even more Sensus BPM Publisher features

    And there are many more features in Sensus BPM Publisher!

    Take a look at all the features here >

Total solution for integrated business operations

With detailed information from Sensus BPM Publisher, you will be able to effectively link and manage all domains. The categories you create will be linked to your processes and catered completely to the information needs of the business policy owners for these different domains. All of this makes Sensus BPM Publisher a total solution for integrated business operations based on your business processes. A valuable tool to shape your business policy – in every domain.

Want to publish processes yourself?
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*Only in Sensus BPM Publisher Advanced.