Sensus BPM Online Integrations: the lynchpin in a data-driven organisation

Sensus BPM Online Integrations: the lynchpin in a data-driven organisation

Does this sound familiar? You describe a process and record it based on the current situation. This often makes such a process an excellent tool for bringing about a change in behaviour or changing a working method. But once the intended change or working method has been established, the process has changed completely. And that is exactly why we at Sensus are now introducing Integrations, the lynchpin in a data-driven organisation.

Living processes

Think of it in terms of the difference between a photo and a film. A photo shows what the photographer sees and captures at a particular moment, like a landscape for example. That landscape looks completely different in summer and winter, but in our beautiful photo we just see that one captured moment. However, if we’re interested in the changes in nature, then we’re better off filming the landscape. Especially if we want to learn from the changes as they happen in the landscape, capturing this on film is the best option.

Returning to the processes, they are dynamic – just like nature. Of course, some working methods remain the same for a long time, but they are never completely static. So, capturing dynamic processes like a photo, like a static image? That’s a poor fit with the data-driven policy that most organisations are opting for today. That’s why we want to bring our processes to life by integrating them with external applications so that they can exchange data. In other words, we want to enrich our processes with data, and vice versa.


Summed up in one image

Sensus process management has built the new Integrations feature to allow the view of processes to change along with the changing circumstances. Integrations forms the central link between Sensus BPM Online and your other data sources and systems. This allows Business Process Management to become the lynchpin of your data-driven organisation. And processes are no longer an end in themselves: they are the means that serve other domains in your organisation.

All information is accessible and up to date at all times. For example, you can bundle, record and manage all compliance matters in one system. You can visualise how the processes are changing, where risks lie dormant, how great the chance is that these risks will occur and their impact if they do, and where you need to make adjustments to remove these risks. Everything summed up in one image – it can’t get any easier than that!

Complete solution

Integrations has come at just the right time. Firstly, it is becoming increasingly clear that process management is only really successful within an integrated domain approach. Secondly, with all the rules, regulations, and customer requirements it has become even more important to have all relevant information available at all times. And thirdly, information security is increasingly becoming an integral part of the culture and policy of organisations. Sensus BPM Online’s cloud applications now make it possible to easily maintain an overview.

And because Sensus BPM Online works completely in the cloud, there’s no need to worry about installation and maintenance of new software. You always have the latest version. Thanks to Single Sign-On, you can start all applications linked via Integrations in one go.


Would you like to learn more about Integrations?

If you are already fully familiar with Sensus BPM Online, the next step is to discover the Integrations we have developed for you. Integrations is an extension of Sensus BPM Designer, a program that works under the umbrella of Sensus BPM Online. After upgrading your licence you can make full use of the API connections offered.

If you’re not yet familiar with Sensus, this is the perfect time to get to know Sensus BPM Online, including Integrations. At Sensus process management we think in terms of a simple, uniform process language, one tailored to the employees who need to read and understand the processes. Our cloud application has been specially set up for sharing knowledge and data so that you can connect and, above all, enhance the various domains within your organisation. This way a total ecosystem is created that helps keep your organisation in control, no matter what happens. With this latest version you have a complete solution for process management. It’s the lynchpin in your data-driven organisation.

If you are a supplier and want to integrate your software application with Sensus BPM Online via Integrations, we also invite you to contact us. With Sensus, you have the best tools at your disposal to make today’s organisations successful.

Integration platform

With Sensus Integrations you share knowledge and information from other applications with Sensus BPM Online and Sensus BPM Online does the same for you. This is a platform where various digital service providers can securely link Sensus BPM Online with domain-specific solutions, paving the way to enhance our customers’ processes with relevant information from their systems and vice versa.

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