A day of support from our BPM specialist


You can read about some of the ways you can use your voucher below. If you’d like to use your voucher in some other way, feel free to contact us.

Support from a BPM expert

When you purchase Sensus BPM Online Publisher, every year you receive a voucher you can use to take advantage of our BPM expertise without having to request additional budget or signatures.

Sensus process management feels that it is important for us, the BPM expert, to remain involved in the implementation and embedding of process management within your organisation. This is why we give you an extra day each year so that you get can support from a BPM consultant. The voucher entitles you to one day of support and in using it, you will ensure that we remain jointly responsible for maintaining process management awareness in your organisation.

Sensus process management training course

You can familiarise yourself with Sensus process management and the associated software by taking a certified training course, which consists of practical assignments completed online, plus an interactive day of support from our BPM expert. This is one of the options for using your voucher.

On-the-job support

If you’d find it more useful to have an expert visit you to take a look at your mapped processes on site, you can use the voucher for a day of on-the-job support from one of our BPM experts.

Request information

Fill in the form for more information about our training courses or consulting services. We will get in touch with you to go over your specific wishes and needs.

Senior Consultant, Monique van Dodewaard