Sensus Integration: Live Process Views

Feature updates | April 2023

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see in which step of a process the user was in any and every application?

Don’t let your colleagues search for processes any longer, but bring your processes to your them.
We introduce, as a part of an expanded Business Integration strategy,

“Sensus Live Process Views”

Livestream your processes without any programming experience. The only thing you need is the rights to insert URL’s in a field in your favorite application.
See these beautiful examples!

Want to know more? Click here for our helpfile

PNXT-883 Optimise live view: Generate API key in Publisher
PNXT-880 Optimise live view: Live view View
PNXT-878 Optimise live view: multiselect in Publisher
PNXT-786 Live view Publisher and Live view Widget differences
PNXT-761 Live view in integrated in Salesforce right bar
PNXT-649 iframe for live view
PNXT-641 Use live view
PNXT-620 Make URL shortener ‘Live Process view’

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