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Sensus update

March 2024

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Sensus update

March 2024

Over the past few months, our developers have been busy developing and improving new functionalities in Sensus BPM Online. 

In the webpage and the video, the functionalities are explained briefly and concisely. For any questions about new or existing functionalities, you can contact our helpdesk.

In the video below, product specialist Rutger Mortel explains all the new and improved functionalities:


Firstly, the current commenting function has been improved. The management page for comments has been enhanced, making it easier for administrators to work with.

Additionally, we have also looked into the communication capabilities within Sensus BPM Online. With the new communication features, end-users can communicate with each other about the processes in Sensus BPM Online. When users respond to each other, they receive an email notification. Users can also set notifications for comments. Finally, we now offer administrators the ability to centrally communicate information within the publication. This ensures that users remain engaged in the processes. For more information about Communication, go to our help website.

Google Translate

It is possible to fully translate your projects into more than 100 languages using the new Google Translate feature. If you want to translate more than 100,000 characters, please add your API token to the portal.

Help Center

To provide support to users in an easy way, we have added a new help button, the Help Center. From this Help Center, you can directly search for help topics and contact the helpdesk.

Performance improvements

Over the past few months, we have made some minor changes, reducing the software’s loading time. We are also proud of the software’s uptime. Which has been 99.99% for years.

Expanding Excel import function

The import function from Excel has been adjusted. With this adjustment, it is possible to select desired data fields. These data fields can then be filled in according to your preference and re-imported into Sensus BPM Online.

Would you like to view a specific topic? Click one of the links below:


 Google Translate 

 Import from Excel 

More information about our new functionalities?

The Sensus process management help site contains a detailed explanation of how to use these new features. With a simple explanation you can immediately get started with all the functionalities in Sensus BPM Online.

Go to our help website >

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