The Sensus method


If everyone speaks the same language, we can all communicate more efficiently and get more work done. The Sensus method is a practical tool for setting clearly defined objectives and achieving them as efficiently as possible. One powerful process language for all users – simple, uniform and transparent. Working in groups, employees structure, define and model the processes themselves. Always in the same way and understandable for everyone.

The language of the Sensus method reveals who does what and how long it will take, and also what each action costs and what its added value is for the overall business process. Tasks and responsibilities, for example, are documented and embedded in the organisation.

The Sensus method works with extremely user-friendly process management software: Sensus BPM Online. Lay the basis for smart process management now, and become part of the Sensus community of people who are keen to work and collaborate more and smarter.

Visuele procestaal

A user community with a uniform methodology & process language

A powerful BPM solution to document, publish & measure processes

An approach that links processes to business goals and various policy areas

An ecosystem where processes reflect reality

Sensus BPM Online: design processes in eight easy steps.

  • Analyse: determine the objective
  • Structure: link objectives to processes
  • Define: determine what information you need
  • Model: use icons to visualise the process
  • Document: embed the knowledge in your organisation
  • Publish: share the available knowledge
  • Measure: measuring is knowing
  • Improve: make improvements

Enough said, let’s do it

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