Training courses

Advanced training in Sensus BPM Online

Training courses

Advanced training in Sensus BPM Online

This advanced training session is intended for employees who have completed the basic training and want to get the most out of Sensus BPM Online. Perhaps your organisation has specific ambitions and you want to deploy Sensus BPM Online more widely. If so, the advanced features of Sensus BPM Online offer you plenty of ways to get started with processes at the next level.

What can you expect from this session? During this day-long training session, we won’t be explaining even more buttons and options (unless requested). What we will be doing is explaining those features that meet your specific needs. Accordingly, we start with an intake session to take stock of your ambitions in the field of process management. We then explain which features are most suitable for this and guide you in their use.

Possible topics for the advanced training session:

  • ISO, BIC
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Risk management
  • Internal audits
  • Centralising process control, possibly for multiple locations
  • Some other topic for which you’d like to know how Sensus process management can help you.

Of course, there is sufficient scope during this advanced training session for you to ask questions about features that are discussed during the regular training, but which may require additional explanation, such as categories, the roles module, version control, data fields, Sensus BPM Publisher, library projects, and the Sensus Portal/user roles.

During the training session you can immediately start using the advanced features of Sensus BPM Online. This means that at the end of this day you will not only have learned how the features you need work in Sensus BPM Online, but you will also immediately have a functional and more powerful platform to support your objectives.


After completing the training you will know:

  • Which features of Sensus BPM Online can best be applied to meet your objectives and which alternatives are available
  • The potential of Sensus BPM Online to contribute to the quality of the service and to manage improvements

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Make effective use of Sensus BPM Online to help achieve your BPM objectives
  • Perform administrative tasks
  • Display Sensus processes in an appealing manner on your intranet
  • Use the multi-user environment
  • Implement document management in Sensus BPM Online
  • Support competence management from the software.

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