Work processes accessible online at Energiewacht Groep

Work processes accessible online at Energiewacht Groep

Energiewacht Groep helps 280,000 private and business customers with sustainable, energy-saving measures like solar panels, insulation, heat pumps, and HVAC systems and components. More than 280 specially trained professionals are available 24/7 to provide advice and install and service systems. Quality & Safety team leader Eddy Wiersma explains how you can steer the work processes in the right direction with Sensus process management’s BPM solution – and how important Sensus BPM Online is in certification audits.

Digitising work processes

Energiewacht Groep is well on its way to becoming the market leader in the north-eastern region of the Netherlands, in part through organic growth and also by joining forces with energy company Essent’s two other service partners in the north, Energiewacht Assen and Geas Energiewacht. Eddy Wiersma, who has worked at Energiewacht since 1980, set up the Quality department in 2015. “We had a quality system on paper, but having a print manual at every location is not convenient. This made for a lot of work finding all the necessary documents during the audits by certification bodies.”

Wiersma went looking for a program to digitise the work processes and came across Sensus BPM software through its sister company Geas Energiewacht. “It’s a great program that gives us a good overview of how the processes work. In recent years we have increasingly embedded it in the organisation and we now use it not only for the processes, but also for the company as a whole.”

Logical structure

“We have built up the program in administrative processes, primary processes, supporting processes, quality, safety, health and the environment. This digital manual enables new recruits to see at once how the company works. Organogram, work progress meetings, processes, job descriptions – it covers every facet of our company.

“At the start, Sensus process management helped us lay the foundation and provided training too. The program is a standard Sensus BPM Designer  that has been adapted to our needs. We embellished this with our own fonts and photo material to give it the real Energiewacht Groep look and feel. Gradually an employee – a true Sensus specialist – has customised the program specifically to our taste.”

New SaaS solution Sensus BPM Online

Energiewacht Groep is merging with its two sister companies, and during this transition all the processes are also being aligned. “At the time, we copied our way of working using the Sensus method from Geas. With the addition of Sensus BPM Publisher, we are taking this a step further and now everyone has access to our quality manual. For our joint launch, it was the better move to procure the new SaaS solution Sensus BPM Online. This gives almost all employees in our new company – nearly 1000 in all – insight into our processes and working methods, as well as our management and general documentation.

“During external audits certifying bodies check whether we are actually working according to the procedures we have set up. They assess whether our processes comply with ISO standards and whether safety meets the VCA basic safety standards for contractors. Each standard – ISO9001:2015, VCA 2008/5.1, BRL100, BRL6000-21, BRL9500 and SCIOS – consists of various sections. Using Sensus BPM Online I can link each section to the processes described in that section and quickly have the required processes displayed on screen. This prevents having to search through various documents in Word or Excel, and an employee can also display processes much faster during an interview in either an internal or external audit.”


Fast and stable

“Sensus BPM Online ensures that our manual is always up to date. Every change is entered and is immediately known to all employees. This makes Sensus BPM Online a good system for new recruits, for external audits and for process improvement. I am very pleased with that. We are currently streamlining the workflows of our three companies. Once they are live in Sensus BPM Online at the end of this year they will be accessible to everyone. And even when our shareholder Essent is looking in, we can quickly display our processes.

“BPM Online from Sensus process management is a fast and stable program. For the new, somewhat more extensive SaaS solution, we received guidance in the design. We could have done five sessions, but we were fully prepped with just three. That says something about us and of course also about this collaboration.”


Experience the benefits for free!

Our unique Sensus BPM Online process management solution lets you map, improve and share all the processes at your organisation. This will give you a solid foundation from which to respond to opportunities and threats, and to implement improvements consistently.

“Sensus BPM Online saves a lot of searching during external audits”
Eddy Wiersma

Quality & Safety team leader, Energiewacht Groep


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